EXPOQUIMIA 2017 awards the research and development prize in the category of Chemistry to Primlab for the product CO2pure, an active principle with nano and micro particles that, added as an additive in the manufacture of paints, in the asphalting of roads or in all types of coatings, helps to eliminate the dioxide carbon and oxides of nitrogen, elements extremely harmful to health, converting them into inert and innocuous minerals.

Thus, a soccer field of 7,000 m2 paved or painted with CO2pure, will reduce emissions of CO2 and NOx by 1.42 tons per year,

Endowed with 5,000 euros in each of its two categories, the Expoquimia Awards have been delivered today at a luncheon at the Expoquimia fair in Fira de Barcelona and attended by Carmen Vela, the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation .