AINIA has validated the stability of the patented compound rich in Oleuropein “Arycol” for the company Primlab Global S.L., after its incorporation in base dough for bread and its later baking.


Oleuropein is the main phenolic component of the pulp of green olives and the leaves of the olive tree, with a high antioxidant capacity against free radicals and due to its health effects on the body.

Baking, common in food processing, can adversely affect the activity and stability of these bioactive compounds due to chemical and enzymatic degradation produced by heat. During tests at our centre, the properties of the Arycol compound have passed the processes for cooking at high temperatures.

AINIA has carried out a pilot study that has assessed the stability of the ingredient, after its incorporation in the process of baking bread. The result has been that 68% of the oleuropein of the Arycol compound has remained.

After this validation of the compound by AINIA, PRIMLAB will begin the production and marketing process in May 2017.

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